Sunday, 20 April 2014

Typescript (The Brazilian Email)

congressional typescript
boson typescript
nihilist typescript
annapolis typescript
 crestfallen typescript
blameworthy typescript

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 felt typescript
 c a u s a t i o n typescript
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 acid typescript
 junta typescript
admire typescript
USC typescript


Campanile (The Brazilian Email)

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Saturday, 19 April 2014


The Brazilian Email

Constructed by Philip Harvey

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                    disneyland ghostly progenitor dill allotropic crisscross synthetic compacter
                     domino shorthand circumferential cutset shutdown rattle foldout deviant
                    pvc fjord helicopter brakeman inscription fanciful profound beautiful alexei
                       gaelic knockout armillaria diana anharmonic extremal concurred
                    galvanometer idiot cook tingle abominable chinese downright dibble edgy
                      annulled boyar exotic incautious palate ghetto wizard thin crucible inferential perkins octagonal doormen quadrant heart valiant flowery vivaldi scurvy visitation hourglass site band valve blog
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                    textile hospice denouement burnt tyrosine brunette irregular afterlife impish
                       bouffant vulnerable laramie burg masonic mesa info launder fleming
                       belshazzar ago shadowy comb rabin woolworth chaperon upheaval
                    sanction borosilicate redcoat cetera repel battlefield thread sunshine place
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                     giggle snyder adroit chairwomen technocrat duplex allegoric protectorate
                       scoff stateroom yoga baltimorean busy backhand exponent billiken
                    boomerang d carbonium cellar scriptural koenigsberg hall advice butte sup
                        bethel doltish ethnography hydrofluoric mosaic thunderflower dry
                      campanile silicate desolate leprosy seaward carborundum preemption
                     sincere prescript cretaceous coercible congo nodule telepathy yap stator
                    bottleneck roughneck deity bomb dogberry variate bodybuild guaranteeing
                          checkup haste carlo bernadine permeable heave bissau ion
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