Thursday, 17 July 2014



agnostic adjectives
blue boss-woss
child’s-play conjunctions
detached diction
epileptic ellipses
friend foss
galapagos grammar
holman haunts
incongruity inconsequential
jerusalem journeys
knock-knock knock-knees
lear-like lear-ning
mostly meaningful
nosey nouns
ornithological outsider
perspicacious pronouns
questions queer
runcible rhetoric
scroobious sentences
torrible toponyms
universal uncertainty
valuable verbs
white watercolours
xerxes excursions
year-like year-ning
zoological zeugma

Philip Harvey

Saturday, 12 July 2014



                    auspicious air
barley barracks
                candelabra cacti
                          dilapidated dragonstones
   erstwhile estates
                          four-sided flow
                          gusting globeflowers
                    herbal halls
                          invisible infrastructure
         jade juts
   kublai khan
                       leafy layers
        mongolian marblemeadows
                          nothing now
        overgrown oblongs
            palatial pastures
                                       quiescent quadrangles
        rush ruins
                        stupa shrubs
                 tumbled tilework
 undertakings undone  
 vanished villas
                   weed-choked waterclocks 
              excavated exits
   yet yurts
                         zoomorphic zephyrs

Philip Harvey

Saturday, 28 June 2014


seventeen wye river haiku philip harvey wrote in june 2014

black pink rose grey sunrise reveals for sale signs, empty caravan parks

wake from city corridor lost script dreams to ocean house open books

melbourne recedes to french parades, english façades, american skyline

sourdough is warm, coffee good as we windowgaze the cold grey sea

where did such great waters rise, from earth or sky, that seethe and surge and swell

a log, a seal, it’s winter surfer leaping tall waves in single bounds

white heron stands waiting for river fish to swim through its reflection

solstice high tide leaves twigs kelp bubbles in lines feathers along sand grass

fresh rock alone fallen in high winds down cliff for cars to swerve round, brown

quiet hotel soul music as red ball thumps into corner pocket

bridie on wye: a good thing is when you wave at a car, they wave back

silent deckchairs sit one on top of the other looking out to sea

at grey horizon’s long end of cloud mist waves showers shade: a rainbow

green tops of eucalypts reflect in rainwater on sunlit decking

containers with all latest software hardware steer clear of shipwreck coast

emma thompson starts stops her lines on scratchy dvd, starts again

under doonas after goodnights lightsout, the heavenly sound of rain