Sunday, 22 October 2017


Person Elegantly Under-dressed Glides Erratically Over Tramlines.
Bored Modern Wastrel.
Veejay Of Life Kills Some Winks Aiming Gadget Ever Nearer.
Bourgeois Energy Needed The Lady’s Elegant Yardstick.
Massive Arse Clips Kerb.
Relatively Empathetic Neighbour Attacks Unlikely Lunatics Travelling.
Jade Accoutred Goldenly UnleashesArgumentative Reactions.
Adult Under Duress Intervenes.
Volatile Overreacher Lunges Vainly On.
Dutiful Ancient Intellectual Motors Like Edward Reigns.
Mannerly Individual Tries Substantial U-Turn But Is Stalled Halting Intersection.
Family Of Rowdy Delinquents.
Fearless Idiot Accelerates Totally.
Trainee Owner Risks All Nearing Amber.
Hoon Ostracizes Licensed Drivers Everywhere Needlessly.
Trak Ocker Yanks Oversized Tank Abstractly.
A Universal Simpleton Takes Initiative Nakedly.
Man Enjoys Ruminative Chopin Etudes Despite Extreme Situation.
Hatted Occupant Needs Driver Accreditation.
Fixated Empire Raiser Registers A Ratings Imperiously.
Crinkled Happy Ruddy Youth Steers Leviathan Engine Right.
Cool Aimless Dude In Luxury Limousine Acts Chauffeur.
Rich Old Vague Entertaining Rogue.

[Search Engine, 1997]

Thursday, 19 October 2017

OMG (October)

O! Overwhelming Millions Galaxies! Oceanic Magma Globe! Original Magnanimous Green! October Myriad Greenery! Overhead Microscopic Geometry! Overhanging Medusa Ganglions! Odd Metrical Gradients! Obscene Moloch Gold! Omnipresent Mute Grass! Oval Mashed Golfballs! Oriental Mottled Gems! Orange Mimosa Glow! Overpopulating Mischievous Galahs! Overflowing Musical Gutters! Outback Moonlight Getaways! Ornate Mesmerising Gigabytes! Off Management Guidebooks! Observant Mindful Guide-Dogs! On-Site Mechanical Giants! Old Melbourne Gaol! Online Mob Gallows! Oarsome Motley Gondoliers! Objective Museum Guides! O-Mouthed Medieval Gargoyles! Offbeat Mercurial Greybeards! Odious Malign Gossip! One Mighty Guess! Offhand Mozartian Gift! Obvious Memory Ghosts! Original Momentous Grace! Open Mystical Gentleness! Only Meaningful Goodbyes! Organic Mattress Grave!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

ATM (October)

Some October Quick Reads: Alice Takes Medicine, Agatha Trials Murders, Achilles Tent-Sits Moping, Adam Tastes Mortality, Arrietty Tiptoes Massiveness, Ariel Trebles Mystery, Asterix Trades Marbles, Ahab Tackles Monstrosities, Aramis Touchés Many, Anna Tries Moscow, Anguished Tess Mortified, Adolescent Tom Mississippi, Adventurous Tintin Modest, Amphibious Toad Magniloquent, Abject Tristan Miserable, Absent Thomas Mystified, Athletic Tarzan Monkeying, Acute Tweedy Marple, Anonymous Transgender Manoly, Alluring Tranquil Morticia, Atrocious Trickster Moriarty, Active True Mole, Admirable Torn Myshkin, Autodidactic Telekinetic Matilda, Ably Tender Miranda, Always Tempted Moll, Ambition Tormented Macbeth, Absolutely Top-Drawer Morse, Achiever Tricked Malvolio, Afterwards Talkative Molly, Aggressive Tenacious Maigret, Attentive Timebound Marcel.