Friday, 28 July 2017

Badge (July)

ER Gash AV SF Eöns Bogus MoeIsAGimp Ill*Fate Chuzpah Safe OO=Dogs Ruse Odaho Instinct+Driven Hef-So DB ID! Athus EISR S.Apes C5 Alex GONZ Bong30 OM ManMan Heist Boo ND Porksta BWC Far:A.V. Frust-Low Busk Erica RP Benn-Apok! Dusk-Arz BDMS SPAB Heroes RM Ogre4J Erisad Roor Pilars SIGS iteens EZAEK Devo LUCID Zoot-Zoot APGRS Clam FNOK HEL5 GHC Sumz Werd *Dion* Hepre17 #shake Bosae SGILE TCT Asrem 2016Godo Hersd Segret BDM Easups! Cola Plier TARE Amoki Torns Pence Rîer Seioka Flier SMC Gruem FIT Ralen-Claw RESH SAS-TWE Pesk AG Zow Shara* Maxe Garniz! Hyn KLIPGE Moby 8@down [Hurstbridge Line July 2017]

Thursday, 27 July 2017

No (July)

12% marked ‘No gender’ in the July Census. “It’ a surprise,” said Niall O’Neill (The Know Institute). “There’s a protest element, not wanting to be specified by gender, but then, what of the others?” ‘No address’: 31%. “In a war situation this would have meaning. Online the Bureau cannot determine if citizens are simply declaring anonymity. Homeless is not a category.” ‘No income’: 1%. “Most surely squillionaires who pay no tax. We accept though, citizens who cannot own a computer cannot fill in the form.” ‘No religion’: 15%. “It fluctuates. The No Brand Religion Movement (NBRM) has had an impact.”

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wednesday (July)

July, as when a capped man walks his dog the length of windswept parklands. When the sun glares, above rainclouds, its white immensity. When hi-visible workmen in cranes lift impossible weights. When lines in long array of houses show off each decade since 1860. When the sun is covered again by dark grey. When rain threatens. When, multi-branched and bare, trees live out the cold, their seedpods bristling. When train commuters stare inward at their thousand screens of small worlds. When schoolchildren return uphill to The Assignment. When an inch of music starts from an earplug, a memento of Manchester.