Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stain (March)

Stains all over the page. Stains where the work has been. Stains on the windows where something flew. Stains hardened. Stains you try not to think about. Days for cleaning. Days for attention. Days of getting things clean. Stains where tears went. Stains where bandages bled. Stains on shirts. Stains on shoes. Wipe it off with a linen cloth. Wash it clean with sopping tissues. Stains as big as clouds. Stains where you squashed the March fly. Stains the washing in public won’t hide. Stains in the sink. Stains purple as beetroot. Stains grey as rain. Stains peppering the benches.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Camera (March)

Woke to a non-camera area with dreams unsorting from steps. Bathroom, non-camera. Drive to the station, cameras on trees and posts in the air. Train was camera pretty much the whole way. Passing scenery corresponded with photographic memory, even to particulars of reader eye-contact and ticket-machine camera. City, one big camera, more or less. Gentlemen: non-camera when it mattered. Boxes like cameras were bird nests. Carparks, fairly much all camera. March backpackers, happy with camera. Potential crash site was camera-ready. Work, non-camera. Internet, millions of proxy cameras, eye glasses on news surface. Bank equalled camera. Lunch was sandwich and camera.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Rain (March)

Slobbering over rosepetals, the gutter overflow piddles and missiles onto chicken wire too, catching long droplets on hundreds of hexagons. Mazing over treetops, the hilltop downpours collage and switch-swerve over lorikeet lawns too, filtering threaded catchments through thousands of grassblades. Silvering over erosions, the upstream onsets spittle and pimple over mirror water too, lifting moving surfaces above march of freshwater. Pooling over windscreens, the rooftop washdown dribbles and films across shiniest duco too, bearding wet lines along kilometres of macadam. Slooping over crinkle-packets, the township freeze-flow puckers and splesh-splashes over supermarket throwaways too, spreading small billabongs on sheetings of plastic.