Tuesday, 24 May 2016

R-Mark (May)

No patent on the sky, on immemorial elms, on black stone or the month of May. Plenty on objects humans took to the moon. Fixed stars bounce information back into yards and screens, copyrighted. Our comicbook world of cars and appliances, computers and clothing, shaped that way by R-Mark. R makes it real. Cost is no obstacle in the making of money. Configured and singled out, the world bent to suit R. Nature, ready to blow our R-World to kingdom come. Creation reveals an endless source of forms. We copy right and call them ours, registrations gone with the wind.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

S-bend (May)

Whether for January blaze or May rain, gravity built the roof. Men drive miles every day to dig a hole to fit a building, gravity being multi-storied. A chair is only as good as the weight it carries. The heart tug in the astronaut film is the gravity of Mother Earth. This Saturday the airliner flying over Rosanna has gravity written all over it. Even the lorikeets in autumn trees below laugh and trick for good reason. Leaves spiral downwards in the time-honoured fashion. Still life with apple. Heavy thoughts at the bowl are eased by assumptions of an S-bend.

V-neck (May)

“Surviving is keeping your eyes open” writes U.A. Fanthorpe in ‘Portraits of Tudor Statesmen’. “The literal painter set it down… mail, ruff, bands, beard, anything, to hide/ The violently vulnerable neck.” The language of ties inflects our age. Politician’s straight lines may second as a handy noose. Mind your peace and cues. Open collars declare their Adam’s apple’s free to do what it likes, though appear too casual and they’ll get it in the neck. Dinner ties, anonymous as movie stars. Plunging necklines equal abandonment of the concept of suggestion. Tattoos, a dead giveaway for independent thinking or loose living.