Thursday, 5 May 2016

K-Mart (May)

Due to atmospherics and soil, flags cannot unfurl or be planted on the Moon. The first American erected stars-and-stripes upon grey-white dust. Due to gravity, pride may well go before a fall. The world has questioned the appropriateness of this ‘non-appropriation’ ever since. That same year another American act was asserted on the corner of Burwood and Blackburn Roads, East Burwood. The carpark was a Sea of Tranquillity, visited night and day, astronomically strange beneath the Moon or under the Sun. It was a small step for man, or woman, to enter outer space of Australia’s first 24-hour K-Mart store.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

D-Day (May)

S-Second again, as Neptune hits the beach, treading silicon and pushing lead. Words may catch you unawares, get through your defences, incite response. There are more commitments on the way. M-Minute’s this moment of connection, where wilful metaphors and heroic unsungs meet your surprised attention. Reading close-up this may be your life, the impact’s so immediate. You’re in deep. H-Hour has come over the horizon, not exactly as expected but nevertheless powerful lines of reinforcement. Whole landscapes populate. Words, words, words may be transparent takeover. M-Month marches towards Paris, memorably. You go back just to follow its liberating patterns, again.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Y-Intersection (May)

But what if he took the road more taken? It helps to arrive at the correct destination, on time. The road more taken got him to school. He arrived in April, rather than May, in a city where he could learn his craft, or trade, or profession. Craft, trade, profession are the road more taken. And anyway what road, to begin with, was he on? Was it the road more travelled? Was he onto something new, breaking habit, getting off the road more taken? Was he doing something familiar, even to him if no-one else, avoiding the road more travelled?