Thursday, 16 November 2017

Disclaimer (November)

I have never said that the President is tall and fat. You have not heard me say he is a liar and cheat, and possibly the Prince of Lies. It would not be my place to say he is a deceiver and narcissist. Let others shower goldenly about the President being misogynist and a serial groper, you won’t get that from me. Since last November I’ve never said he’s orange and red. Nor is it on the record that I have ever said he is a ‘great guy’ and ‘good company’. Let others praise Caesar. I keep a studied silence.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Quasi (November)

This November the government proposes a quasi-audit of citizenship for all members of Parliament. How this differs from an audit isn’t specified. Are the results confidential and unofficial until such time as they leak all over the front page? Are the results ignored or acted upon? Is it wasting time until a proper audit is made? Ask Quasi-modo in his budgerigar togs. Or Quasi-bunger, the fizzing firework. How about a retrospective quasi-audit of all parliamentarians since Federation? It’s the same as the quasi-referendum the government has conducted on same-sex marriage, the referendum that isn’t a referendum, non-binding whatever the findings.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

URL (November)

Upstairs Relax Linger. Umbrageous Roomy Ledges. Unique Reminiscences Lovely. Unlikely Recognitions Luminescent. Uninterrupted Reading Late. Underlined Red Likes. Ulterior Rhetoric Languishes. Unpoetical Restless Lullabies. Ubiquitous Restful Linen. Untrustworthy Reports Liable. Unfamiliar Restrictions Laugh. Unconscious Recuperative Life. Unlinked Roaming Links. [November] Unbound Refrigerated Legumes. Ultimate Recycled Laundry. Ultramarine Riotous Lavender. Unprecedented Ripening Lemons. Unabating Raving Lorikeets. Unaccompanied Recitals Limitless. Unambiguous Rain Levels. Umbrella Resting Lustre. Unauthenticated Rodent Leftovers. Unfashionable Rambling Lattice. Ulcerous Rusted Latches. Unconnected Rooftops Lilly-Pillies. Uncontrollable Roses Leaf. Uncultivated Rambling Lawns. Ugly Roadside Lumps. Underneath Residential Lampposts. Uncial Roadsign Loops. Uphill Remembering Lovelessness. Utopian Romantic Letterboxes. Umbilical Railway Line.