Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Camry (October)

Camry (Kan-Muri) is Japanese for “beyond compare”, which is the truth for the Toyota sedan that now stands ruined and gold-leafed on the familiar corner of McKean and Michael streets, North Fitzroy. How the Camry became camry may have been pictured by street-cams, but no one seems to know why. Was it driven into the flowering gum, or dumped there with forethought? This October it was sighted every day, no number plates but key still in the ignition. Now artists have gone for gold. Soon it will be an icon. There will be protests against removal of this Yellow Peril.

Beaut (October)

Thence introduced by the Norman French, beaut, to express the perception of the inward and outward goodness and form sovereign in creation, pleasure to the senses:  a rainy river heard from a bridge, taste of apples, the loose-leaved trees of October. Hence beautiful, a word invented for Scripture by Tyndale, though beware of Pharisees who appear outwardly beautiful. Whence Olsen, his antipodean acclaim of you beaut country, where the you beauts go, admitting despite themselves the excellence in all things seen and unseen: multi-coloured blare of harbour, firm tread of beach and stone platform, the gold blossoming trees of October.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Epithet (October)

This October the Australian Government is in the unusual historical circumstance of being run by two Prime Ministers at once. PM1 enjoys the following epithets, none listed on a ballot paper: Truffles, Fizza, The Double Bay Socialist, Turdbull, Talcum Malcolm, Turbo, Goldman Sachs, Sugar Bun, Turncoat, The Silvertail, and The Prince of Point Piper. PM2 has considerably more epithets than PM1, none of which will appear on his epitaph: The Mad Monk, Phoney Tony, Abbo, The Captain, Clownshoes, Ferengi, Tones, Toxic, Attack Dog, Nope Nope Nope, Thug, Abort, Budgie Smuggler, Shirtfronter, Handflapper, The Suppository of All Wisdom, and Sir Pository.