Wednesday, 23 May 2018

K (May)

Screenwalking has become extremely common. The screenwalker resembles K, back more or less straight, one leg in front of the other, arm held at differing degrees of upright, screen unlocked. They are kings and queens of self-absorption. K describes their daily encounter with non-screenies. The screenwalker steps in a more or less straight line as the non-screenwalker curves, or makes a rapid ninety degrees to avoid collision with the obvious, or rather oblivious. K-Lanes may have to be introduced on footpaths and public concourses to remedy this daily traffic, though will screenwalkers remember to keep inside the dedicated K lines?

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

H (May)

H upon H of windows surmount the street-ground, reflect browning plane trees and opposite decos. Parallels of fluorescent lights inside ascend to grey sky. Someone at a desk emails symposiums to e-listers. At another H someone talks solidly to Brisbane. The Council meets at the 20th HHHHHHHHHHHHs with views of the whole Et Cetera. Grey one-way glass where promoters blitz their buyers with someones who order their own selfies. H’s of offices where portfolios dream overseas, or at very least the movie. Googling tapers at 4:50pm, a dose of collect and exit. Down below H-Block they commute away through May.

Monday, 21 May 2018

B (May)

I’ve wondered about B. for forty years. Why was B. so confident? How come B. gave the speech that won hearts? B. had all the right moves, or so it seemed. They still look right, to me. Did B. run with the pack? Get a life? Make a fist of it? Settle down? Or did B. stuff it? Wind up on the receiving end? Go to seed? Was one night a May Day? Or a night to remember? Is B. truly loved? Or is that was? Where’s B. now? Still alive? And if not, how did B. die? And why?