Saturday, 23 July 2016

Williams (July)

Fred Williams was afraid of the bush, I was told once. I’ve never known what to make of this ‘interesting fact’. Is it even true? Did he leave his Hawthorn home every month to overcome fear? Why spend a lifetime painting landscapes you’re afraid of? A Prahran art student painted Fred Williams pizza. A disc of black blobs and red straggles resembled an overladen Napoletana. This pizza was not amusing. I liked Williams. He showed me new understandings of micro fern and macro ranges. His eye spent years in beatitude examining January wreck of bushfire, July hint of early wattle.   

Batchelder-O’Neill (July)

Frances Perry knows appearances are false. The history of photography is a history of falsity. One day that will be a platitude. These thousand-image devices prove incidental, a gallery of deceit. Sufficient unto the day are the images thereof, but in the morning a new song will arise. Best be ready for its challenges, put away all appearances and attempts at appearances. Psalms repeat lines for effect: a new city rises from the rich earth. Frances Perry has births to attend to, visitations, counsels, and lectionary. It’s a kind of exile, the beautiful colonies, burning in January, frozen in July. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Reiss-Orford (July)

Barbara Darling managed libraries. In 1983 she invited me to a conference that July. She came to my room in Parkville to make clear I was needed. It was the first time we met. She was a great one for book learning, but the person came first. Barbara became a bishop. Not that this is the person I remember, in an official Reiss-Orford photograph. The last time we met was in my room at the Community library in Cheltenham. Always her friendly smile. Barbara had a bootload of books to donate, now she was ‘retiring’ to study further Spiritual Direction.