Wednesday, 28 September 2016

T (September)

T.- Listening to the stranger is a good place to start. You hear words and sounds coming from their being, not yours. You cannot put your own agenda onto the stranger, if you listen with attention. You make no contract, the only giving is your attentive time. Analysts get paid by strangers to interpret wandering words. Counsellors monitor what needs doing next with September symptoms. They want it down to a T. First name basis changes relationships. We have history, needs and expectations that change how we hear. Even anonymous initials define familiarity. It can never be the same. –P.  

Monday, 26 September 2016

V (September)

 Virtual Venice, where Alexander Calders are giant attenuated red insects in my dreaming atrium. Victory fanfares party-popper the plaza of gold-thread-and-feathers that any moment will be lost in rain. Vengeance is staved off over espressos when the beginning of the end of the Cold War is the only talk. Volcanoes burst anew from eighteenth-century imprints opened for visitors. Vile insinuations wash down the canal of yesterday’s crime scene, all in my mind. Violin TV signals continuity from upstairs windows. Vietnamese mint beams in purely cerebral patio pots. Vacancies press at hotel doors where September makes way for early chill factor.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

C (September)

August, the census computer seized up. Explanations were contradictory. Clocks continued. Cynicism went viral. Who was in charge? Come September citizens turned to paper. Make it easier to cope, fill the squares with calligraphy. Contribute your ciphers for their consideration. ‘No religion’, meaningless category. Consider the religion of the census. Convinced consumer. Capitalist cog. Salary slave. Productivity person. Commercial viability. Tick one box only. In the name of selfishness, anything is allowed. Confidentiality is assured. Answers must be correct. Do not include your cats. It confuses calculations. Sign. Insert in blue envelope. Join the ciphers. The barcode must face out.